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Our Committees

John Menzies | Advisors

The Board

UK Corporate Governance Code

The Board remains committed to the principles of good corporate governance contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code. The Company continues to follow the good practice which the Code recommends and the Board considers that the Company has applied the principles and complied with the provisions set out therein throughout 2017, as detailed in this Statement and the associated Reports. To find out more about our Board visit Our Leadership.


The principle responsibilities of the Board are to ensure the Company’s long-term success by collectively directing the Company’s affairs within the parameters of the Company’s internal control framework whilst identifying and managing their interests of its internal and external stakeholders. More details of the Board's responsibilities can be found in the Annual Report & Accounts 2018.



Monitors the integrity of the Group’s financial reporting and financial statements, reviews the effectiveness of internal controls and risk management, and oversees the relationship with the external auditor


Ensures appropriate succession plans are in place and reviews the structure and composition of the Board to ensure the necessary balance of knowledge, skills and experience to develop and support Group strategy

The Terms of Reference of the Nomination Committee are modeled closely on those set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code.


Determines and agrees the Company’s remuneration policy in respect of Executive Directors and the Chairman, together with their specific remuneration packages.


Assists the Board in fulfilling its Human Resources obligations and ensures standardisation, adequacy and effectiveness of structure, policies and process.


Assists the Board in monitoring the delivery of the Group’s strategy and structure by evaluate all future key strategic decisions, including significant capital investments and any potential merger, disposal and acquisition activity.