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What Does Distribution Do?

Menzies Distribution operates across the UK, from a network of eight hub depots, which support and feed 31 smaller spoke locations. Our team of around 3,500 and fleet of owned and contractor vehicles help us to deliver five core services to a range of clients.

We operate the same product offering in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, through our joint venture business EM News Distribution. This stream of our business has been at the heart of the Group for almost 180 years, generating profits which have helped to grow the Company as a whole. While its core, press distribution market is now in structural decline, opportunities exist to exploit its geographical spread and expertise in time-critical delivery.

Final Mile

The largest portion of our work is comprised of product cross-docking - in which bulk supplies are delivered to our premises, split quickly into smaller shipments and loaded onto vehicles for onward transit - and multi-drop, final mile delivery. The business handles 110 million delivery units annually.

Our largest customers for this service are print media publishers and distributors, for whom we act as a consolidator, wholesale and delivery agent; and retail outlets, more than 25,600 of which receive deliveries of press products from us every day. Menzies vehicles also undertake the delivery of brochures to travel agencies across the UK, alongside carrying out retail logistics for bookmakers' stores nationally and WH Smith stores across the north of England.


A second logistical service offered by the Company is long-range trucking, in which large loads are carried long distances by our fleet of cargo lorries. Our vehicles collect at the clients' locations and drop at destinations across the UK.

Much of this business comes from the print media sector, which employs us to carry supplies from print centres to packing depots.

Menzies Response

From a central fulfilment warehouse in Rushden, we hold and despatch 5 million items of stock annually for our clients, which range from small and medium sized e-commerce businesses to large national charities. Each of our clients has in common the need for a reliable, cost effective means of turning contact from their customers or fundraisers into timely parcel despatch.


We operate a specialist, microdelivery business primarily serving corporate, governmental and publishing clients in central London. The main service offers the delivery of bespoke printed media orders for executives and civil servants and hand-to-hand distribution / sampling of products to members of the public at travel points and high street locations.


Under the distinct FORE brand, we operate a consultancy that assists retail customers in maximising the potential of the print media category in their stores.

This business has successfully recruited new clients, such as the supermarket Aldi, to our news wholesaling offering; this approach benefits both the consultancy arm itself and the final mile distribution business, which subsequently handles additional volume through its established network.

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