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Ground Handling

Our ground handling operation is a global provider of passenger and ramp services to airlines and a major force in the international ground handling industry. It has grown rapidly since its conception in 1995, through a combination of organic growth, acquisitions and the development of niche opportunities.

Operating at 140 stations in 30 countries and supported by a worldwide team of more than 20,000 people, we serve over 500 airline customers handling around 1 million flights per annum. The delivery of a consistent and reliable operation, focused on meeting the needs of our airline customers, is at the centre of everything we do. Menzies Aviation aims at all times to give great service, at the right price for the leanest cost. In delivering this, we focus on working with attractive airlines in attractive markets and this selective approach enables us to create regional densities, leverage economies of scale and share operational excellence. Our operations deliver sustainable shareholder value growth from a team that wants to work for us, with customers getting a great service that is safe and secure.

We offer a full ground handling service to our customers, and work in partnership with them to provide a seamless experience for their passengers at the airport. Passengers will come into contact with our team at the airport from check-in all the way through to baggage reclamation as they access our services, including ticket desks, boarding, dispatch, passenger lounges and baggage reclamation and lost baggage services.

Airside we work to tight timescales to turn around an aircraft, in as little as 25 minutes from arrival until we push back the aircraft ready for departure. These services include load control, baggage loading and unloading, and passenger and baggage transfer. We also perform other aircraft services including towing, cabin cleaning and de-icing.

Cargo Handling

Perishable and high-end goods flow daily through our cargo facilities around the world. We focus on ramp transfer where we take goods into our cargo facilities, break down and assemble the cargo ready for loading onto the aircraft and provide storage and transfer of goods to and from the aircraft. We can analyse and manage loads, ensuring that the appropriate paperwork is prepared for import and export handling. When goods arrive, we can arrange appropriate warehousing until the customer is ready to collect from our facilities. We have a trucking business should our customers want the goods delivered to them. Our sophisticated IT systems manage the goods through their life cycle and allow a track and trace service for our customers, which include airlines and forwarders.

Cargo Forwarding

Air Menzies International (AMI) was established in1976 to provide ‘neutral’ air freight wholesale services exclusively to freight forwarders and courier agents. AMI’s ‘neutrality’ means that it does not offer freight forwarding services directly to shippers, and hence it does not compete with its customers for their shipper business. It works with the world’s airlines and integrators to purchase space in aircraft holds which allows customers to benefit from AMI’s buying power, its ability to consolidate multiple shipments and airlines’ latest spot rates. AMI’s product range covers export, import and cross-trade, based on cargo, express and time definite international road freight.

AMI’s convenience and online tools help customers move shipments around the clock. Our web portal brings together all AMI’s Express products in an easy to use application, allowing customers to compare Express products side-by-side. Bonded warehouse capabilities are equipped with the latest screening machines and experienced staff can handle almost any air freight requirement.

AMI has been on an upward trend over the past 5 years. A highly diversified customer base has helped AMI successfully continue its growth even in tough economic conditions. The large freight forwarders come to AMI during increased demands on space and the smaller forwarding customers reach out to AMI for its buying power, convenience and expertise.

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