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Corporate Governance

Iain Napier

In my role of Chairman of the Board, I have a duty to shareholders to ensure that the Board works effectively and efficiently in following its strategic objectives, which are detailed here.

My role is very much to lead the Board and to guide the Executive Team in developing, and then delivering, the strategy for the Group. The Board ensures that the Executive Team continues to remain focused not just on delivering the Group's strategy and long-term, sustainable shareholder value but also an excellent, world leading service to their customers.

I believe also that the role of the Board as a whole is to lead the Company, setting the culture of the organisation, and I am proud of the S.P.I.R.I.T values that John Menzies embraces.

Following a review of our Board structure and the current landscapes within which our businesses operate, it was decided that it would be appropriate to change the internal structure and appoint Forsyth Black, previously Managing Director of Menzies Distribution, to the Board in his new role as Managing Director of Menzies Aviation. Forsyth has been with the Group for almost 16 years, predominately in senior aviation roles where latterly he was Senior Vice President of Africa, the Middle East and India. With his extensive and relevant experience we are confident that he will drive forward the ongoing implementation of our Aviation strategy. Together with Paula Bell, our Chief Financial Officer, we now have two Executives on the Board.

The Board now has seven Directors. Alongside the two Executive Directors, we have five non-Executive Directors, three of whom are independent and a Non-Executive Chairman. Each year the Nomination Committee reviews the structure of the Board, looking at the skills and abilities, together with time served by the members of the Board, to ensure that a balance is achieved and any proposals are presented to the Board.

Full details of the operation of the Board are contained in the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company, which can be viewed here.


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