Our Approach

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Business Model

John Menzies plc provides support services in fast-moving, time-critical markets. We believe that the passion of our people, and their commitment to delivering great customer experiences, are crucial to delivering shareholder value - and this belief informs our entire approach to doing business.

Our Business Model can be found in the Annual Report & Accounts 2016.


 Customer Ethos

 Both our Divisions believe in a proactive partnership approach to customer relations and, over the past
 two years, have actively sought to develop strong commercial functions.


 Emerging Opportunities

 To continue to prosper we must constantly look to the future. Both our Divisions operate in fast-moving,
 dynamic markets and by closely monitoring advancements we can ensure that our strategy is both fit for
 purpose and aligned to new growth areas.


 Optimised Investment

 All businesses must invest wisely. Operating in growing markets presents us with many opportunities and
 we must therefore ensure we select only those where the returns on our investments are optimised. Such
 an approach involves assessing market dynamics, labour availability and the general economic conditions
 which exist, all of which can influence our potential returns.

 Diversified Offer

 The Group has long recognised the value of a diversified offering; it was this rationale which led to the
 creation of our Aviation Division. Today we consider active efforts to diversify to be a fundamental part of
 our strategic approach.


 Growth Agenda

 Whether prevailing market conditions are good, fair or challenging, a business must identify a pathway to
 growth in order to ensure future prosperity. We believe that a successful growth agenda requires both a
 robust business model and access to emerging markets. Both our Operating Divisions satisfy these
 prerequisites and are well-placed to take advantage of our market standing as we look to the future.


More details of our Strategic Progress can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2016.


We measure and track our performance against a set of key performance indicators ("KPIs") relevant to our core activities. A diverse range of statistics has been selected to ensure that a balanced view of our operations and their success can be formed.

Our Key Performance Indicators can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2016.

Risk Management

The importance of identifying and actively managing the financial and non-financial risks that the Group faces is at the heart of what we do. An effective risk management programme helps protect our assets and promote the interests of our stakeholders.

More details of our Risk Management can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2016.

Resources, Responsibilities & Relationships

Conducting our operations responsibly is central to the culture of our business. The Group's framework of policies and guidelines sets clear standards to ensure that our business activities remain ethical, responsible and sound.

Visit our Responsibilities page to find out more about our 2016 activities.

Tax Strategy

As a responsible business we are committed to full compliance with tax legislation both in the UK and in the overseas jurisdictions in which we operate. The Group recognises its responsibility to contribute to those economies in which we carry out our business, which includes paying the right amount of tax at the right time.

More details of our tax strategy can be found in the Menzies Group Taxation Policy.