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Delivering Through People

John Menzies plc provides support services in fast-moving time-critical markets.  As a team we are passionate about performance and achieving our vision of being a successful services business which delivers shareholder value.

Our people are critical to our success, representing our business to customers around the world and responding to their needs every minute of every day.

We are passionate about performance in all of our businesses.  Every day of the year our people all around the world operate in time-critical support services, working with integrity to deliver a safe and secure, efficient service to our clients.  This in turn provides a strong platform for growth. 

Ground Handling

Our people provide a world leading ground handling service to airlines worldwide. Menzies Aviation is one of the fastest growing ground handlers, operating in over 140 airports in 31 countries. The division aims to be the handler of choice for the world’s leading airlines. It offers a complete range of services to the airline industry from landside activities such as ticketing, check-in, baggage services, dispatch, and boarding to airside activities including aircraft towing and pushback, de-icing, passenger and baggage transfer, ramp handling and other ancillary services.

Cargo Handling

Our cargo handling business is strategically positioned to offer a complimentary service to our airline customers. We manage cargo sheds at airports globally and our cargo team are able to process and move perishable and high value goods onto and off aircraft quickly and reliably. We offer a full ramp transfer, load management and import/export handling service. We can also provide warehousing and trucking services and track and trace systems giving customers visibility at all times.

Cargo Forwarding

Our cargo forwarding business, AMI, works exclusively with freight forwarders and courier companies, offering air freight rates and transport services around the world. AMI is unique in providing a 100% neutral service to its clients and will source the best way of moving their goods to their destination. Its product range covers export, import and cross-trade, express and time-definite international road freight. It is supported by a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure allowing clients to organise and manage the service via the internet. 

News Distribution

Overnight our network throughout the UK and Ireland processes around 7 million newspapers and magazines (covering 3,000 titles), with deliveries to more than 25,000 retailers. Covering c45% of all UK news print daily, News Distribution has invested heavily in state of the art technology and customer service to ensure our packing and returns systems are the best they can be. We also offer a logistics solution to other businesses providing an efficient and cost-effective alternative to in-house logistics, tailored to our customers individual needs. Using our fleet of around 1,700 vehicles and utilising sophisticated route planning software, we cover around 130,000 miles daily – the equivalent of going around the world five times. Our innovative Marketing Services solutions in promotions support retailers, publishers and wider industries with services ranging from category management, product placement, contact handling and data and insight.

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