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Delivering Through People

John Menzies plc provides support services in fast-moving time-critical markets.  As a team we are passionate about performance and achieving our vision of being a successful services business which delivers shareholder value.

Our people are critical to our success, representing our business to customers around the world and responding to their needs every minute of every day.

All around the world, we work with integrity to deliver a safe and secure, efficient service to our customers.

Delivering consistent quality standards worldwide - John Menzies prioritises safety and customer satisfaction across the full range of its global operations

To sustain and grow our businesses, we need to show our customers that we can work to the highest standards of quality and integrity.

United by our shared S.P.I.R.I.T values, Menzies' businesses across the globe operate in a manner which prioritises safety and customer satisfaction; builds and develops high performing teams; and translates this good practice into strong customer relationships and long-term profit generation.

The right people, in the right place, at the right time - that's the essence of time-critical logistics, and the central principle of our approach

Our customers expect a service tailored to their needs, performed by experts, timed to fit seamlessly within the schedules on which their business operates; that's the essential nature of time-critical logistics. In each of our businesses we focus completely on meeting those expectations, whether that means turning a passenger jet in arctic conditions or supplying a retailer marooned by road closures. Wherever you can see a Menzies logo, you'll find people delivering around the clock, against the clock.

Focus on station, country and regional density - selectively target growth opportunities to best deliver returns for our shareholders

This targeted approach allows us to establish strong, efficient stations in key locations which maximise the use of our resources. Our businesses typically serve multiple airlines at each airport, offering clients additional services - and benefiting from economies of scale as a result.

Two divisions, one philosophy - common skills, approach and ethos bind our businesses together

Our businesses share not only a unifying ethos - beating the clock for the benefit of our customers - but also a common approach. In every sphere of our operations, we trade in delivery. Whether we are delivering parcels to retail locations, passengers to aircraft, or cargo from one side of the world to the other, our core skills of scheduling, storage and transport management are the driving force behind our service offer.

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